Dr. Fred L Soper - Health Research

Dr. Fred L Soper
Dr. Soper (1893-1977) was both a renowned public health researcher and a world authority on deadly diseases. Dr. Soper spent the first half of his career conducting field research and organized health campaigns for the Rockefeller Foundation's International Health Board. During this time, he helped work against diseases, including malaria, urban yellow fever and louse-borne typhus fever.He was elected director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau in 1947. Under his direction and leadership, the Bureau was able to expanded its health programs and drastically increase its budget and staff.

Throughout his career, Dr. Soper published books and more than a hundred works in medical and public health journals. Even after retiring from the Bureau in 1959, he continued to actively support the international health community by offering his input on health initiatives and regularly lecturing at schools and research institutions.