Patricia Vader

Inspired by life on a windy hilltop in California, Patricia Vader creates large metal sculptures, many of them kinetic. She specializes in outdoor public art and her sculptures can be found in cities and parks nation wide. In addition to her permanent installations, Vader continues to exhibit her work throughout the country, and has won numerous awards and competitions throughout her sculpting career. Further, Vader's work has been featured in several magazines and newspapers, and she has provided several lectures promoting the arts. She is affiliated with the International Sculpture Center, the Public Art Network for the Americans for the Arts, the Pacific Rim Sculptors Group, and Codaworx. Vader holds a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California and a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Natural Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. Originally from The Netherlands, Vader currently resides in Martinez, California. 

Artist's Statement

Radiance - The just completed “Radiance” is a statement of life, energy, exuberance and hope. I enjoy using bicycle parts and had wanted to make a wheel sculpture for quite some time. This configuration answered my aesthetic desires. A cylindrical support structure lifts the wheel circle in the air, at the perfect viewing height just a little above eye level.  

Stay - Animals inspire many of my sculptures. Living in a rural area I am surrounded by them, wild or domesticated.They are a natural part of my life and art practice. Stay has a large shiny nose that invites petting. The sculpture is modeled on my German Shepherd Merlot, a huge dog with a friendly face and big triangular ears, who loves traveling and meeting people.He is an entertaining companion on all my sculpture installation trips across the country.

Patrcicia Vader