Stormwater Projects

Homefield Subdivision Ditch Cleaning

Project Overview: Project No. 17-09

Areas affected:
Duffy St. South of 11th Ave to North of 4th Ave
Cessna St. South of 11th Ave to North of 4th Ave
10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, and 6th Ave from Duffy St to west of Airport 
Notice of Beginning of Construction: CJ Backhoe in conjunction with COH Public Works Maintenance, Storm Sewer Maintenance, and Street Department will begin construction Wednesday, March 29th, 2017.

The scope of Work: 
  1. Sediment removal and elevation realignment to re-establish drainage pathways throughout the subdivision.
  2. Repair of existing culverts, replacement of damaged culverts, and the possible addition of new culverts if needed to re-establish drainage pathways.
  3. Installation of erosion control matting and reseeding of disturbed areas.
  4. Resurfacing of subdivision streets.

Traffic Impacts:  
  • Periodic truck traffic along 11th Ave, 4th Ave, and Airport Rd.
  • Periodic subdivision street closing as work progresses in small sections. Driveways will remain accessible. 

Parking Impacts:  Street side parking will be inaccessible in areas that crews are working on.

Construction Period:  Construction in this area will continue through July of this year.


3/27/2017 - Updated construction start date because of rainfall. New project start date is Monday, April 3rd unless there are more weather-related delays