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413 N. Chemical Street

Soda Ash Park
In 1912 was named after the Soda Ash Plant that was just down the street.  The Park was big enough that it held a Grandstand that sat 500 people. The field occupied by the park belonged to the Kansas Chemical Company. This field was used regularly It also housed a Club House for the baseball players, and a Country Club. The park used to expand all the way from 11th Ave to 4th Ave. by Grandview School.

When the Plant closed its doors the stadium and the country club were demolished and housing was placed.
In the 1920’s Grandview Park became what it is today, a small quiet neighborhood park, which is located near Grandview Elementary.

In the early 1950’s Grandview Park was the 1st to take place in the Community Project. Where the community got together and erected a playground we still have this project continuing to this day. Garden Grove and George Pyle Parks were recently done by the Community Project. 

Unfortunately, there were no photos of the Soda Ash Park to be found.
Here is what Grandview looks like today.