Community & Business

  1. Airport

  2. Animal Services

    Hutchinson Animal Shelter and Animal Control

  3. Building Inspection

    Building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing permits. Trade licenses: roofing contractor, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and moving mobile homes

  4. Discover Downtown

  5. Eastside Cemetery

  6. Economic Development

    Learn about the greater Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce and new business development.

  7. Engineering

    Bridge construction, streets, traffic signals, sewers, water mains, and drainage projects.

  8. Financial & Budget Report

    City Budget, Reserve a Dumpster, Taxi, Merchant Patrol and Peddlers License.

  9. Information Technologies

    Cable Channel 7 Website Social Media Technology

  10. Housing & Neighborhood Development

  11. Human Relations

    Human Relations Commission logo

  12. Human Resources

    Employee benefit programs, policies and procedures, recruitment and selection, evaluations and all personnel records and files.

  13. Hutchinson Zoo

  14. Library

    Search the library's website for information on renting books and local events.

  15. Parks and Facilities

    Our employees continually strive to honor the past while embracing the challenges of the future and to serve an entire community while maintaining meaningful connections with individual participants.

  16. Planning & Development

    The Department of Planning and Development provides planning and enforcement services related to various aspects of community development, including housing.

  17. Public Art

    As part of our ongoing effort to beautify Hutchinson we are adding Public Art to City projects.

  18. Public Works

    Public Works

  19. Purchasing - Bid Opportunities

    It is the goal of the City of Hutchinson's Purchasing Department to assist City Departments in acquiring the materials, supplies or services that are required at a fair and competitive price.

  20. Reno County Landfill

  21. Street Department

  22. Utilities

    The Water Production and Treatment division handles the operation and maintenance of the City's Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Center, 20 water wells, 2 booster pump stations, 4 water storage towers, 2 Class I disposal wells and the ground water remediation facilities.

  23. City Clerk