Welcome to the Hutchinson Regional Airport

Airport News
  • The Hutchinson Airport Advisory Committee has five open board member position.  If you live inside the City limits and would like more information, please contact the airport manager using the contact information listed on the right. 
  • Taxiway Alpha crackseal and sealcoat project is set to begin in late July of this year.  The project is going to require multiple runway & taxiway closures.  Please check your NOTAMS.

Hutchinson Means Business

The Hutchinson Regional Airport has been a business aviation center of the Midwest for more than 40 years. Much more than just a place to land, it is a benefit-packed resource for pilots, passengers, and businesses that use and serve general aviation located just three miles from downtown. The Hutchinson Airport is Class IV FAA Airport with 3 runways capable of handling corporate aircraft. Charter service is available. Hutchinson strives to provide the environment and physical assets necessary to meet and maintain world-class aviation support services, specifically designed to meet your needs.

The "down home" Midwest hospitality, along with the first class professional facilities and personnel, sets Hutchinson apart from services normally associated with a busy complex aviation facility. A 7,000 foot all weather runway, and 2 cross wind runways, the longest being 6,000 foot, precision approaches, FAA Control Tower, and a regional FAA Technical Operations Center makes Hutchinson the "right choice" when choosing an airport in South Central Kansas.
  • Prime location in the heart of South Central Kansas
  • Convenient access to Highways 50, K-61, K-96, and Interstates 70 and 135
  • Easy access to Hutchinson business district and attractions
  • Complete and competitive aviation services
  • Building sites available with runway access
  • 7,004' x 100' all-weather runway
  • 6,000' x 100' cross wind runway
  • 4,252' x 75' cross wind runway

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Hutchinson Airport shall be to provide a safe, efficient, dependable and attractive first class public facility that professionally serves the users and tenants. The airport will strive to maintain its role as a major air transportation facility for the region, while continuing to be a responsive and responsible neighbor to the surrounding community.


Daily operations at the airport are funded by money generated from leases and contracts with the tenants and other businesses using airport facilities and is subsidized from the City of Hutchinson's general fund. Grants from the Federal Aviation Administration are received on a matching basis for the funding of qualifying improvement projects. Federal grants are funded mainly by federal taxes on airline tickets, aviation fuel and cargo shipments.

The airport owns and maintains the basic infrastructure: the terminal, the runways, runway lighting, and navigation systems. The airport is, in effect, a landlord because it leases space to private companies to conduct business or to farmers for growing and harvesting crops. Airports do not run control towers. They are overseen by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which is part of the federal government. Towers are staffed by the FAA, or private companies that under contract with the FAA. The control tower at the Hutchinson Regional Airport is owned by the City and staffed by the FAA through a 3rd party contract.