Airport Advisory Committee

About Your Airport
Since the days of the Wright Brothers, aviation has struck a chord with people. Whether it be a small child watching airplanes with a sense of awe or the seasoned traveler who is thankful that airplanes can whisk him or her home in time to see his family before dinner, aviation has changed the way we all live.

Hutchinson Municipal Airport (HUT) takes its mission seriously as a facility that provides the community with top quality general aviation facilities and a plan to serve our market area of more than 70,000 for years to come. The airport has 41 based aircraft and an estimated average of 375 operations per day.

If you haven't seen us lately, you haven't seen us! Come visit Hutchinson Municipal Airport, and better yet, fly Hutchinson!

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a safe, convenient and affordable aviation facility and industrial park for the residents of Hutchinson and Reno County - our customers. We will respond to customers, market needs and seek new opportunities that effectively use our assets, people and services. In accomplishing this mission, it is essential that our customers receive exceptional value in terms of cost-effective products and services of the highest quality. We will maximize customer satisfaction by forming an alliance with our customers, emphasizing, "When our customers are successful, we are successful." Our goal is also to improve effectiveness and encourage profitable growth.