Reno Hose Co. No. 2

The Reno Hose Company No. 2 was organized by Joe Krennich on the 20 July 1886.  City Marshall, George Hern, was appointed as Fire Warden over the company and also Hutchinson Fire Company No. 1.

23 July 1886 The Reno Hose Company had their first run.  Beating the Hutchinson Hose Company No 1 to the fire due to their proximity of the fire, hooked up to the only fire hydrant available and put out the fire in a barn located on First Avenue owned by L. A. Bunker.

6 May 1890  The official Fire Department was created by ordinance with the employment of a fire marshall, 3 assistant firemen, one of whom will be the driver, and limiting the number of volunteer firemen to 6.  A. J. Baum was recommended for Fire Marshall and Samuel Shute, E Will McInturff and D E Wiley as members of the department.  Wagon and horses were brought to the Central Station on 6 May 1890.

June 1892  Mayor Frank Vincent appointed Al J Stout, Chief of the Hutchinson Fire Department.    Stout had joined the force 6 Dec 1891.