After a Complaint is Made

What happens after a complaint is made?
Concerns regarding any of the listed problems begin by either a complaint or concern received by a citizen or an inspector viewing a violation while driving through the area doing other field inspections or working on special projects. The general procedure for addressing these complaints/concern are:
  1. After receiving the complaint or concern, an inspection is made within 2 to 3 days to verify there is a violation(s) of City Code
  2. If a violation exists, a letter is written to the property owner or tenant stating the cause for the violation and given a compliance date to correct the problem
  3. The property is re-inspected on the compliance date
  4. If the violation remains, the City will either file a complaint with the municipal court or have the violation abated and the property owner is then charged for the expenses incurred plus an administrative fee
City staff will work with a property owner or tenant if circumstances exist that will not allow them to complete the required repairs or maintenance by the compliance date.

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