Rice Park Splash Pad

About the Project

The Public Art Program was authorized by City Council through adoption of an ordinance on May 19, 2015. The program provides that works of art are to be included in public works projects, equaling 1% of construction costs. The ordinance also establishes the Public Art Design Council to develop the public art collection of the City and to oversee the Percent for Public Art program.

The Rice Park Splash Pad project involved funding from several sources including donations from neighbors, a Justice Grant through Hutchinson Community Foundation, and the City of Hutchinson. The construction cost of the project was about $300,000, with a 1% for public art at $3,000.

On October 3, 2017, the Public Art Design Council recommended the purchase of “Good Morning Sunshine” by Reven Marie Swanson for placement near the Rice Park Splash Pad. The $9,000 sculpture was discounted to $6,300. However, the City Council tabled the purchase agreement for 90 days and requested the Design Council to find private donors to make up the funding gap of $3,300.

The artist agreed to reduce the sculpture price to $5,000 in hopes of keeping the sculpture in the community. The City provided $3000 in project funds. Private donations pledged by Lovella Kelley, and Gary and Nancy Witham made up the remaining $2,000 balance.

Reven Marie Swanson

About Reven Marie Swanson

Growing up in rural Colorado, Reven spent her time building forts in ditches, swinging up onto wild horses, and chasing lizards with her sister, Channing. It was a child experience that ran with the rhythms of the natural world. Today, in the scupltural work Reven creates, the impression Mother Nature made upon her childhood riddle every curve, color, and line. 

Reven has been creating sculpture for the public since 1989. Her work resides in numerous public and private collections throughout Colorado and the west. She has received many honors, awards and commissions over the years. 

Reven holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and is Apprentice to Robert Mangold, a Kinetic Metal Sculptor.


Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine

Artist's Statement

Reaching Across the sky, this flying creature balances the heavens. This figure is part of a building series, the "Moon Creature Series." The sculpture dances, celebrates a natural harmony with the wind. 

The artwork is about change, balance and growth. She speaks for the universal woman describing the relationship between the instinctual-self alongside the contemporary, modern-day self. This kinetic metal piece is mounted above ground to imply flight and moves freely with the ever-changing wind.