Main St Streetscape - 3rd Ave to 5th Ave

About the Project

The 2017 Downtown Streetscape project on Main Street was one of several phases of a multi-year project that was spread out over several years. This phase of the project spanned from north of 3rd Avenue to 5th Avenue. The project included replacement of curbs and gutters, sidewalks, water mains and water service lines, and stormwater work along with mill and overlay of the street. Aesthetic improvements included bulb-outs, sidewalk pavers, limestone pillars, and lampposts as seen in other streetscape projects along Main Street in the downtown core area. The project included grant funds from the Kansas Department of Transportation, matched with City funds.

About the Public Art

The Percent for Public Art for this project was set at $14,000. The award went to Kimber Fiebiger for the direct purchase and commission work of 'H.D."  which is one of her sculptures from her famous Humpty Dumpty bronze egg collection. This sculpture was originally part of the SculptureWalk one-year loan program in 2014 when it was installed at 3rd Avenue and Main Street. H.D. was placed alongside another egg called "Egghead" which was purchased by the City after winning the People's Choice Award for 2014. Now the two eggs are back together at the 3rd & Main St. site where they made their debut in Downtown Hutchinson.





Kimber Fiebiger Portrait

About Kimber Fiebiger

Born and raised in Minnesota, Kimber Fiebiger has dedicated her entire life to the arts. If you have ever been to the east end of Franklin Avenue, near the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, you probably have seen the easy to spot and colorful façade of her home, gallery and studio. A series of bronze Humpty Dumpty outdoor sculptures greet passerby and welcome visitors to her gallery, Joan of Art Gallery.The building’s gallery space is devoted to her work and showcasing women artists. But Joan of Art not only serves as a gallery and home but it is also her studio where all her artwork is created. It is a true experience to watch Kimber create her magnificent pieces. To create her artwork she uses the ancient art form of transforming a clay sculpture into a work of bronze, which requires skills and years of experience in several areas.

Kimber studied at the University of Minnesota obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the College of Liberal Arts, the only woman in her class. Since then her passion for sculpting has become her calling in life, she has been creating sculptures for over 30 years. Her artwork represents Kimber’s two very different artistic sides – someone who has fun but also values and admires the human body aKimber Fiebigernd their spiritual side. Her portfolio ranges from fun and whimsical to classical and contemporary. 

Her whimsical and fun side is represented by her Humpty Dumpty creations. Around the art world Kimber is known as the “Humpty Dumpty lady”. She created her first Humpty Dumpty 28 years ago when her son David, then 2 years old, asked her – “Mommy, can you make me a Humpty Dumpty?” Since then she has sculpted over 60 different characters, each one with its very own facial expression and vibrant body gesture, some of them larger than human scale. These facial expressions and gestures represent
diverse human emotions and characteristics. Jester

Another group of fun sculptures is her Jester collection; she has created Jesters that have functioned from garden light fixtures as high as 12 feet tall, to fountains, to desk lamps. They are a representation of the fun side of humanity, they are made to make people laugh, to amuse, and, as the real Jesters throughout history, their facial expressions are a characterization of common sense and honesty of a character that was used for their insight and advice.