Frank Colladay

James Franklin Colladay, owner of the Frank Colladay Wholesale Hardware Company, was born August 20, 1850 in New York City to Charles Henry and Sarah Jane (Lutes) Colladay.   Mr. Colladay started in the hardward business in Waterloo Iowa along with his partner L.R. Peifer in 1877.  Mr. Peifer retired in 1881 and Frank took over the business and then moved to Hutchinson Kansas in 1885. Mr. Colladay and Mr. Stewart purchased the G. W. Hardy, Pioneer Hardware Store in Hutchinson Kansas and began a business that has remained in business until this very day.  A true successful pioneer who's family has continued the hardware legacy of Frank Colladay Wholesale Hardware Co.for 140 years.

frank colladay

Hutchinson News 1904


Iowa 1877


Waterloo Iowa 1885