Clinton Carter Hutchinson

Clinton Carter Hutchinson  was born in Barnard Vermont December 11, 1833 and arrived in Hutchinson in 1853 and began laying out the city and selling land.  His family had a strong presence as Baptist preachers and set a stipulation that no alcoholic beverages could be sold or consumed in this city or the land would forfeit back to him. 

He wrote many books about Hutchinson, one which included these words:

"These views combine the qualities of grandeur in their vast extent and of the picturesque in the loveliness of detail to such a a degree that the poet preacher, Rev. Robert Pierpont upon his visit to Kansas exclaimed: “God doubtless might have made a lovelier country, but it is certain that he never did it.”

Moving to Oregon in 1894, he became very involved in irrigation and was responsible for bringing the need for irrigation to the attention of the government. 

He passed away May 10, 1909 in Portland Oregon with burial in the River View Cemetery in Portland Oregon.


C C Hutchinson