Pothole Repair Plan

Like all communities across the region, the City of Hutchinson has experienced substantial increase in potholes this winter. At the end of January of this year pictures and GPS field data were collected on a large portion of the City’s streets to see the quantity and locations of potholes that had cropped up. At the time the data was collected we concluded there were well over 300 locations to address, many with multiple potholes that had developed or had various defects that could be anticipated to develop into potholes. At that time, we estimate there were well over 700, and up to 1,000 potholes that needed to be addressed.

Since the field data was collected, we had a few additional winter snows. The moisture and freeze/thaw cycles after those snowfall events generated an even greater number of potholes that seemingly doubled the potholes. Even as crews have been out actively patching, we have estimated the number of potholes has grown to up to 1,500 or more.

Typically, potholes are addressed as they are identified through citizen requests and internal notification. With the large number of potholes and requests ranging throughout the City, addressing the potholes by request means losing a lot of time crisscrossing the City. Using the map, we developed a plan to work through the city in some logical fashion, which allows us to turn wasted transit time into time fixing the problem.

The priority of arterial and collector streets was defined in the same fashion as our snow removal routes as these routes carry most traffic throughout the city. Residential areas will continue to be placed on a scheduled list and dealt with on a notification basis.

The plan to address the potholes begins with using available staff as effectively as possible. The City was broken into quadrants, using the intersection of 4th and Main as the focal point. Working 10-hour days and as weather permits, staff have started patching North/South arterial and collector streets that are North of 4th Avenue and West of Main Street. When finished, staff will then work the East/West arterials and collector streets that are in the same quadrant. Staff will then move to the East side of Main Street working that quadrant in similar fashion. The arterial and collector streets South of 4th Avenue will then be addressed.

When the arterial and collector streets have been addressed staff will then begin the same process work through the residential areas. During the process of working through this plan, requests will continue to be documented. Staff is limited as we have multiple time-sensitive projects going and are operating at 75% staff while, but we are devoting all the staff we can. As we fill the vacant positions additional staff will be committed to working on the pothole plan.

We understand that getting these potholes addressed is important to all citizens, businesses, and visitors of the City — we live and work here, too. This plan allows us to use our time as effectively as possible in getting the job done.

Thank you for your patience with this process and know that your concerns are being heard. Please drive safe and keep an eye out for the people that work in traffic patching streets and working on utilities. 

Pothole Map 01292019