Police Department

Our Mission Statement

The Hutchinson Police Department's mission is to foster trusting relationships while utilizing advanced law enforcement strategies to build a safer community.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
    Honorable and truthful in principles, intentions and actions
  • Integrity
    Steadfast dedication to a strict moral and ethical code
  • Professionalism
    To instill trust and confidence through conduct, knowledge and presence
CHutchinson Police Core Values Patch

Our Vision

The Hutchinson Police Department will be an innovative, community focused police department treating everyone with respect and dignity. We are committed to providing proactive law enforcement services, focused on reducing crime, apprehending those who commit crime and enhancing the quality of life. We will be transparent while working collaboratively with our community to ensure Hutchinson is a destination city. We will continue to develop our personnel and efficiently and effectively manage our resources. We are a family, committed to every member of our community. We will protect those we serve with every fiber of our being as Hutchinson deserves nothing less.