Downtown Hutchinson Revitalization Partnership

Regular Meetings
Regularly scheduled meetings are held each month, along with an annual meeting, at a time and place specifically set by the Board. Special meetings may be called at the Chairperson's discretion or upon petition by a simple majority.


The Board of Directors shall consist of no more than 12 members representing the following interests:
  • Downtown business owners (3)
  • Downtown property owners (2)
  • Downtown bank (1)
  • Downtown cultural organization (1)
  • Chamber of commerce (1)
  • Community leaders (4)
Ex-officio members include:
  • City manager
  • A council member
  • Reno County administrator
  • CEO of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Downtown development director
Each appointment is for 3 years and each individual is limited to 2 consecutive full terms. The Board of Directors shall elect officers annually. Officers elected shall consist of a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a Treasurer. For a current listing of members and terms of office, contact Jim Seitnater.

The mission of the Partnership is to unite private and public sectors to coordinate and leverage the activities of key organizations and entities involved in the enhancement of downtown Hutchinson, to institutionalize the effort to revitalize downtown Hutchinson, and see that the Hutchinson Downtown Economic Enhancement Strategy 2000 objectives are met.

State Support
This program is supported in part through an agreement with the Kansas Main Street Program, Kansas Department of Commerce.