Greater Hutchinson Convention & Visitors Bureau


Members of the Greater Hutchinson Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVBAB) Board shall be established by resolution of the Governing Body of the City of Hutchinson with the appointment of the South Hutchinson members to be made by the Mayor with the consent of the South Hutchinson City Council.

The CVBAB shall consist of no more than 15 appointed by the Mayors of both Cities with the approval of both Cities' governing bodies. The CVBAB shall consist of no more than 15 members. Members whose terms are for 3 years may succeed themselves without limitation. The CVBAB shall be comprised of the categories and number of representatives with corresponding terms listed as follows:
  • 4 from Hotels or Motels (3 Hutchinson, 1 South Hutchinson):
    Atrium/Convention Center - 3-year term
    Holiday Inn Express - 3-year term
    Best Western Sun Dome - 3-year term
  • Rotating Hotel/Motel - a single 1-year term
    2008 - Hampton Inn
    2009 - Microtel Inn
    2010 - Comfort Inn
    2011 - Econolodge
    2012 - America's Best Value Inn
    2013 - Scotsman Inn
    2014 - Astro Motel
    2015 - Economy Inn
  • 5 from Attractions (Hutchinson):
    Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center - 3-year term
    Kansas State Fair - 3-year term
    Kansas Underground Salt Museum/Reno County Historical Museum - 3-year term
    Fun Valley Sports Complex - 3-year term
    Rotating Attraction - a single 1-year term
  • 1-year Attraction Rotation:
    2008 - Historic Fox Theatre
    2009 - Dillon Nature Center/Salt City Splash
    2010 - Hutchinson Zoo
  • 3 Businesses At-Large Representatives (2 Hutchinson, 1 South Hutchinson), a single 2-year term
  • 3 Ex-officio representatives from City of Hutchinson, City of South Hutchinson, and the Hutchinson/Reno County Arts and Humanities Council
If a hotel/motel or an attraction declines its position for a specific assigned year, the next hotel/motel or attraction on the rotation list would be asked to fill the open 1-year position. For a current listing of members and terms of office, email LeAnn Cox.


The Greater Hutchinson Convention and Visitors Bureau was created to make recommendations concerning programs for promotion of convention and tourism to the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce.

Establishment Authority

By Agreement between the City and the Chamber, and by Charter Ordinance No. 40 (December 15, 1998), which exempts the City from the provisions of K.S.A. 12-16,101, relating to creation and composition of a convention and visitors committee for the purpose of making recommendations relative to application and use of the transient guest tax upon sleeping accommodations within the city; and repealing Charter Ordinance No. 37, and adopting Ordinance No. 2007-48 and Resolution No. 2007-R31.

Meetings & Attendance Policy

Resolution No. 2744, Section 4 (PDF), states "That members shall be required to attend not less than 75% of regular meetings."