Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Animal Shelter Volunteer

    We have several volunteer opportunities available and we could always use help!

  2. Brush Up Hutch Painting Assistance

    Brush Up Hutch is sponsored by the Hutchinson Community Improvement Commission and the City of Hutchinson, Kansas Planning and Development Department and was created to to provide financial assistance to income-eligible homeowners in the City of Hutchinson to enable them to repaint the exterior of their homes and alleviate deteriorating housing conditions within the City.

  3. Dillon Nature Center Programs

    Browse the Dillon Nature's programs for volunteer opportunities.

  4. Explorer Cadets

    The explorer post is an organization that exposes young adults to the law enforcement profession.

  5. Hutchinson Recreation Classes & Sports

    Find out what kind of recreation activities are offered at the Hutchinson Recreation facility.

  6. Storm Drain Marking

    Filling out this form will place you on a list of potential volunteers. Signing up through this form does not require you to participate in volunteer events but rather expresses an interest in staying informed about the volunteer opportunities available.

  7. Volunteer Police Force

    The Volunteer Patrol provides the Hutchinson Police Department with a team of responsible dedicated volunteers committed to assisting Law Enforcement Officers with their daily duties.