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Public Art Program

The City's Public Art Program was authorized on May 19, 2015, by the City Council through the adoption of Ordinance 2015-17, establishing Chapter 30 of the City Code. The purpose of the Chapter is to establish a public art program for City-funded capital improvement projects and to provide for the funding, selection, creation and maintenance of public art and establishing responsibilities relating to administering the City's public art program. 

It is the policy of the City of Hutchinson to include works of art within City of Hutchinson public works projects equal to one percent (1%) of construction project funds for public art. The Percent for Art Program focuses on the outside and the inside of new and remodeled City owned public spaces. 

Percent for Art Program

The Percent for Art Program requires one percent (1%) of eligible construction costs be allocated for public art involving City capital improvement projects paid wholly or in part by the City of Hutchinson, for improvements to or new construction of a building or structure, streetscape, pedestrian mall or plaza, park, trail, or any other project, or any portion thereof, which includes finished space for human occupancy and will be available for public view.  No less than eighty percent (80%) of this one percent (1%) will be used for on-site Artwork.  No more than twenty percent (20%) will be deposited in a Public Art Trust Fund used to fund additional art projects and provide maintenance for existing works. In cases where the eligible construction costs of a City capital improvement project is less than $75,000 and, at the discretion of the Public Art Design Council, the project does not lend itself to the inclusion of public art, then one hundred percent (100%) of the one percent (1%) may be deposited in the Public Art Trust Fund.

Public Art Design Council

The Public Art Design Council has the responsibility to develop a collection of public art that is of the highest quality, that will encompass a broad aesthetic range reflecting the City and the minds of its citizens, that will improve the quality of life in the area, that will be accessible to all individuals and be a source of pride to all residents. The Public Art Design Council is to develop the Percent for Art Program and the associated collection in such a way so that it is intimately integrated into the fabric of the City of Hutchinson and reflects a broad range of community input and involvement by artists and art professionals. The Design Council may also administer other public art programs.

Design Council Members

The Public Art Design Council is appointed by the Mayor and Governing Body, and includes seven (7) members selected because of their expertise in visual arts, architecture, historical preservation, or affiliation with a local business or public entity. Terms are for three years. Also, ex-officio members with unlimited terms and voting privileges include the directors of parks and facilities, downtown development, planning and development, and the arts and humanities council. As assigned by the City Manager, the designated program manager is the Parks and Facilities Director or his/her designee..

Design Council Meetings

Bi-monthly meetings of the Public Art Design Council are open to the public, and are held at 3:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November in the Executive Conference Room at City Hall, 125 East Avenue B, Hutchinson, Kansas.