Street Division

The Street Division is a part of the Public Works Department and is comprised of Street Maintenance, Signs & Markings, and Street Cleaning.   

The Street Department performs general maintenance on the streets and alleys within the city limits of Hutchinson. In addition, the Street Department maintains all traffic control signs, street identification signs and pavement markings throughout the City.

Snowplow Routes

While the city does not plow residential and side streets, other than school zones, the snowplow routes below are set up to crisscross the city. This grid is set up so that you should not have to drive more than a couple blocks to get to streets that have been cleared and/or treated. 

Snowplow Route Map

Street Resurfacing Projects

Preventative maintenance of streets is performed through our slurry seal, crack sealing and residential overlay programs. These street resurfacing projects are a part of the Engineering Department, a separate department from Public Works.

Each year, streets are selected based on various criteria to be resurfaced on a rotation to keep the streets throughout town maintained. Below is a quick animation showing the last eight years of street resurfacing projects.

Street Maintenance map 2012-2021

Main Street Phase IV

5th Avenue to 13th Avenue — This project is underway.

2020 Residential Street Maintenance Project

2020 Arterial and Collector Street Maintenance Project

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