Flood Control

The City of Hutchinson Public Works Maintenance division is responsible for the mowing and maintenance of the 28 miles (approx. 2,500 acres) of Flood Protection Levee System. Other responsibilities of the division include mowing and weedeating 50 miles of named storm drainage ditches throughout the City, as well as mowing along portions of K-61 Highway, and approx. 210 acres of street ditches and adjoining areas. Public Works Maintenance crews also mow and maintain the Martinez Hike and Bike trail, empty trash karts and dumpsters at City parks and buildings, and assists other divisions as needed.


Typical mowing season is April-October each year. The drainage ditches are mowed about once every 8-10 weeks, depending on weather conditions. The Flood Levees are mowed as needed, depending on vegetation needs for levee protection. The Hike and Bike trail is mowed about once every 4-5 weeks, K-61 Highway about once every 4-5 weeks as well. Public Works Maintenance crews pick-up trash at all City parks and buildings twice a week and pick-up the City's buildings paper recycle materials once a week.


Public Works Maintenance is comprised of 12 employees and 1 superintendent and has an annual operation budget of approximately $715,000.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) web site provides some interesting information regarding real-time river information. This data is utilized to monitor changing river flow conditions entering the City of Hutchinson and helps us determine how much water we might expect to deal with during severe weather.

The National Weather Service web site is another source of information regarding weather and river forecasts. Another area of interest about flood safety on the National Weather Service site is Flood Safety Awareness.

The City of Hutchinson's levee system is inspected annually by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.