People's Choice Award Winners

About the People's Choice Wards

From 2012 to 2016, the City of Hutchinson provided up to $15,000 a year for the purchase of the People's Choice Award-winning sculpture for placement in the City's permanent collections. These sculptures are placed in various locations primarily in the downtown.

In 2015, the award categories for People's Choice winners included three categories of award which included the Gold Award for purchase of the winning sculpture, the Silver Award for a cash prize of $750, and the Silver Award for a cash prize of $500. Starting in 2017, the People's Choice award was revised again to provide at $1000 cash prize for the People's Choice award, but no purchase by the City.

The City's permanent collection of world-class sculptures has grown over the years due to purchases of the People's Choice sculptures. Additionally, several private individuals and businesses have purchased sculptures through the SculptureWalk exhibits for donation to the City or for private collections placed in open viewing areas for the public.