Jurors Award

The Jurors Award provides $1,000 to the winning artist.

Tom Riefe

Tom Riefe
​2018 Winner
of Jurors Award


By Tom Riefe
of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

David Barnes of the
Shafer Memorial Art Gallery
in Great Bend, Kansas

Artist's Statement
The submitted work titled Portal is the third and final work in the “SPACETIME” series, and the body of work attempts to bridge earth and the cosmos. The sculpture’s form derives from the hypothetical astrological wormhole, which creates a tunnel that acts as a “shortcut” through a large distance of space. “Portal” attempts to illustrate the moment when a wormhole would open up in space by extending along a widely opening parabola from a point in space. Also, the work is perched on two points creating a spherical void in the front of the piece, which allows viewers to engage with and experience the sensation of being engulfed in a vortex.

Portal, by Tom Riefe. Located at the SE Corner of Avenue A & Main in Grasshopper Park.

Aluminum, 9' x 7' x 6.5'
Price: $7,500.