The Hutchinson Zoo volunteer program aids in accomplishing the mission of the zoo by providing qualified volunteers who will enhance the work of the staff. By working with zoo staff, volunteers have the opportunity to help meet the existing and changing needs of the zoo and create community engagement. The Hutchinson Zoo provides a variety of volunteer opportunities from running the cash register in the gift shop to preparing diets for the animals. Volunteering at the zoo is a way to serve your community and engage in wildlife conservation.  For more information please contact Jessica at (620) 694-1990 or at jessica.wright@hutchgov.com

Interested in joining us? You can fill out the below three forms and email them back to jessica.wright@hutchgov.com  or drop them off at the zoo. Blank copies of the forms can be picked up at the zoo gift shop as well. 

Volunteer Application 
Medical Release Form 
Background Check Form