Reno County VOAD

The Reno County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) is part of the National VOAD who's mission is as follows: VOAD is a movement, and the more than 50 member organizations of National VOAD are the driving force behind every recovery from natural and human-caused disasters in the United States and its territories. National VOAD member organizations focus on all stages of disaster response - preparedness, relief, response, recovery and mitigation.

Our Reno County VOAD chapter helps meet the need of our community by providing volunteer, financial, spiritual, physical and/or psychological support for people whose lives have been affected by a disaster.

This assistance to recovery will be provided on a case-by-case basis until all resources are exhausted.

Who is eligible for assistance:

  • Damage must be related to the current disaster. 
  • Reno County VOAD will help the disabled, low income, elderly, or single parents first. Reno County VOAD will then assist with all other cases. 
  • An applicant’s home must be their main home. Applicants must have been living in the home at the time of the disaster. 
  • Reno County VOAD works to make homes safe, secure and sanitary. It will address unmet needs. 
  • Reno County VOAD will address other unmet needs, not just housing. 
  • Aid is based on need of applicant and availability of volunteer and other resources.
  • Reno County VOAD reserves the right to determine the assistance method.
Decisions to provide assistance are made by the Reno County VOAD executive committee.

Distribution of funds process:

  • Each request for long term recovery funds will be assessed on an individual basis. 
  • If funds are needed for repair/replacement those funds will be dispersed to the contractor or business completing the long term recovery not to the individual applicant. 
  • Funds are held in a designated account until such time as disbursements are requested and made. 
  • 100% of the funds received at United Way of Reno County for disaster relief will be put back into the community toward recovery efforts.


Our volunteers are coordinated through the Hutchinson Community College Volunteer Center, 620-665-4950.

Helpful Links:

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