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1. How do I get information about the Youth Fire setter Program?
2. Are you allowed to burn trash and branches or have campfires in Hutchinson?
3. How can I get a smoke detector from the Fire Department? Will you change the batteries?
4. When should I replace my smoke detector and or carbon monoxide detector?
5. Do I need a smoke detector in every room? How many do I need?
6. What kind of fire extinguisher should I buy?
7. How can I get a home safety inspection or a home daycare inspection?
8. Can my family/group tour the fire station?
9. Should I have a “Fire Escape Plan” for my family?
10. How Many Fire stations are in Hutchinson?
11. What is an ISO rating?
12. What is the Hutchinson Fire Department ISO rating?
13. Should I call 911 for a fire that I put out?
14. Why do your fire trucks use lights and sirens, even in the middle of the night when there is limited traffic?
15. Why does a fire truck come when I call 911 for a medical emergency?
16. I saw a City of Hutchinson fire truck at a local grocery store and a firefighter shopping for food, why do firefighters use fire trucks for non-emergency purposes while they are on duty?
17. Why do you send so many fire vehicles to a fire, especially a small fire?
18. How can I get a copy of a fire incident of fire investigation report?
19. How do I become a Hutchinson Firefighter?