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Animal Shelter

  1. Adopt an Animal

    Please submit a completed application and shelter staff will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you for your interest in a shelter... More…

  2. Lost and Found Report
  3. Volunteer Application

    Fill out a Volunteer Application and our Volunteer Coordinator will call you shortly.

  1. Foster Application
  2. Proper Paws Registration

    Registration for Obedience classes

Storm Water

  1. Stormwater Volunteer

    Filling out this form will place you on a list of potential volunteers. Signing up through this form does not require you to... More…


  1. 2017 Camp Registration Online Form
  2. Bobcat Breakfast

    Enjoy a breakfast near the bobcat enclosure, get a special view of their enrichment and have a chance at owning your very own bobcat... More…

  3. Field Trip and Group Program Registration Form
  4. Purchase Zoo Membership
  1. Adopt a Zoo Animal
  2. Donate
  3. Otter Water 5K and Fun Run Registration

    The Hutchinson Zoo is hosting a 5K and a Fun Run on Saturday, June 10th! All money raised for the event will go towards building a new... More…