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1. Where are my property lines?
2. How do I locate my water or sewer line?
3. If I build a new garage or addition onto my house, will my property taxes go up?
4. What is my property zoned?
5. What are setbacks and why do I have them?
6. What can I build or plant in the easement on my property?
7. Do I need a permit to construct a storage shed, garage or carport on my property?
8. How much does a building permit cost?
9. How big can my accessory structure be?
10. What is the maximum height for sheds, garages, shops, etc.?
11. What are the restrictions on siding and roofing materials?
12. What are the requirements for constructing a garage or carport?
13. What are the requirements for constructing storage shop buildings?
14. What are restrictive covenants?
15. Who assigns addresses?
16. Can I park my RV on my driveway?
17. Where can I park semi-trucks in the City?
18. Where can I display my vehicle for sale?
19. Do I need a permit for a garage sale?
20. Do I need a permit for a temporary retail sale?
21. Can I keep horses or chickens on my property?
22. Can I operate a daycare from my home?