City Wide Clean Up

It’s time to clean up and green up! The City of Hutchinson Community Wide Clean Up will be held on Saturday, April 24 and Sunday, April 25, 2021. It’s a great way to clean up your neighborhood and get ready for Spring! Thanks to our community partners, metal containers will be placed throughout the community for all residents to use free of charge.  

Items Not Allowed in Dumpsters:

  • Tires
  • Mattresses
  • Tree limbs, leaves, grass clippings
  • Household hazardous waste (chemicals, paint, cleaners, insecticides, herbicides, hot, explosive, corrosive materials or any other liquids)
  • Large metal items (appliances, bicycles, lawn mowers or any other large metal items)
Items not allowed in dumpsters can be taken to: 

Reno County Landfill

703 South Mohawk Road
Open Monday - Saturday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Dumpster Locations

  • Kisiwa Parkway & Walnut Street
  • 15th Avenue & Van Buren
  • Sherman & Madison Street
  • 1st Avenue & Plum
  • Bigger & Walnut
  • Avenue F & Chestnut
  • Avenue B & Reformatory
  • Avenue A & Van Buren
  • 1800 Block of Carey Blvd.
  • 1st Avenue & Grandview
  • 4th Avenue & Fontron
  • 12th & Plum
  • Fairground Water Park (Severance)
  • 30th Terrace, West of Garden Grove Pkwy

Download our flier including a map of dumpster locations