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Home Fire Campaign – Help Save Lives

A home fire can strike anywhere, anytime—devastating families. On average, more lives are lost to home fires every year than to all other major disasters combined. But, collectively, we can change that.

Working together in communities across the nation, the Red Cross, fire departments, houses of worship, businesses, schools, nonprofits, social service agencies, neighborhood leaders and others are forming coalitions to mobilize resources and volunteers to stamp out needless fire deaths.

Your organization can become a part of this community-wide Home Fire Campaign. Possibilities include:

Make households more safe. Just one working smoke alarm can reduce the risk of dying in a home fire by half, yet about 25% of homes lack even one working alarm. Join the door-to-door community effort to conduct inhome safety visits in one or more ways:

  1. identify volunteers or resources to help residents learn home fire safety and create fire escape plans, install life-saving smoke alarms, and document services provided and additional needs;
  2. provide expertise about community groups that will most benefit from these services; and
  3. lead smoke alarm installation rallies to provide large numbers of homes with in-home safety visits through day-long events.
  4. facilitate the installation of smoke alarms and fire safety education for at-risk people your organization serves

Engage youth in making our community safer. Youth learn how to be safer themselves and can take that information home. Join the effort to educate youth on disaster safety in one or more ways:

  1. Identify volunteers to become presenters or presentation assistants for The Pillowcase Project, a program that empowers kids to take preparedness actions and become advocates for preparedness;
  2. Work with local schools, after school programs, summer camps, and other groups to schedule and organize fire safety presentations; and 
  3. Promote awareness about youth-oriented, fire safety smart phone apps and a national youth challenge aimed at harnessing the creativity of our local young people to solve the complex problems around home-fire prevention.

Spread the word. Surveys show that many people have misunderstandings about fire safety. Join the community effort to be sure that everyone knows how to be safe in one or more ways:

  1. encourage your family and your neighbors to practice fire drills at home—and keep practicing until everyone can get out in under 2 minutes;
  2. make sure everyone knows the importance of working smoke alarms on every level of a home, and that alarms need to be replaced every 10 years.

Help others in their time of greatest need. Unfortunately, home fires will continue to affect our community. Be there when  tragedy strikes to extend hope, compassion, and relief to families in their time of greatest need. Help meet the urgent needs of home fire survivors by:

  1. identifying volunteers to become trained Disaster Action Team (DAT) member, which provides support to families immediately after a home fire;
  2. providing resources and referrals that expand the services our community can offer home fire survivors;
  3. offering your facility as a location to shelter home fire survivors in advance of a multi-unit apartment fire or other disasters.
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