Soldiers and Sailors Memorial and Monument

This majestic historical memorial and monument is a tribute to those that served in the Civil War.  Located at First and Walnut, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Hugh A Price designed the structure and Hutchinson Monument Works also known as Grimes and Jones are listed as the sculptor. Their bid was for $20,500.  It was built between 1918 and 1919 and stands 41 foot tall of granite and bronze and surround by military canons.  The cannons: Bronze Quinby and Robinson/Western Foundry 6-pounder gun #16.  This cannon is the only one known to have survived.  The  A.B. Reading and Brothers Foundry cannon, 6-pounder smoothbore #39  is one of only 8 that is known to exist.  

This monument is one of 3 Civil War monuments built in Kansas, one located in Kinsley and one in Wichita.  The finished memorial including the cannons were dedicated on Flag Day, June 14, 1919. Ten days later, the City Commission renamed the park, Lincoln Park.

Congressman, George A. Neeley introduced a bill donating the cannons to Hutchinson and included this challenge to the community to do more to honor Civil War Veterans.

"The people of Reno County should demand that a respectable statue should be erected in this county, by county taxation, as a memorial to the soldiers of the Civil War. It should be a hundred feet high and bear on it the names of all the Reno County Soldiers of the grand war, to keep alive the memory of the men and women who made it possible for this nation to be preserved. " 

The G.A.R, responding to ex-Congressman Neeley's challenge, quickly established a Monument Committee - composed of representatives of the Hutchinson, Nickerson, and Haven G.A.R and Women's Relief Corps(W.RC.) posts. On July 30th, representatives of the committee met with the Commercial Club,precursor of today's Chamber of Commerce, seeking their support in lobbying the Reno County Commission to levy a one-time quarter mill property tax to fund construction of a soldiers and sailors monument. The following day, the Hutchinson News reported: "President Charles W. Oswald.. .appointed Lieutenant Governor W.Y.Morgan, State Senator Will S. Thompson and Representative F.L. Martin as a committee to call on the county board urging that the levy be made. .. On motion of Emerson Carey, the club unanimously voted in favor of the quarter of a mill levy, and adopted a resolution asking the county board to make that levy. "

First and Walnut

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial and Monument