Salt in Hutchinson

The story goes that Ben Blanchard, while boring for coal or oil in South Hutchinson, struck salt on December 16, 1887 but didn't recognize the significance of this monument find. 6 months later, Gouinlock and Humphrey commonly known as G and H plant began manufacturing salt.  Dr. W. C. Gouinlock of Warsaw New York and plant manager H. C. Humphrey, his partner were the first but definitely not the last, as many more salt plants would spring up almost over night.  

Salt Plants located in Hutchinson

  1. The Wyoming Salt Co of Warsaw New York located in the southwest part of the city - E. H Bucklin, J. B. Crossett, M. E. Calkins, W. W. Hawley.  It was purchased by Queen City Salt and Mining Co - J. R. VanZandt, J N. Sweet and A. F. Smith.
  2. Henry Hegwer Salt in the northeast section of the city in 1888.
  3. Western Salt Co. Reece R Price
  4.   Pennsylvania Salt Co. W. R. Bennett, Thomas Decker, C. R. Thoburn. 
  5. Vincent company, known as the Hutchinson Salt and Manufacturing Co organized in 1888 located on Lorraine Street.  T. W. Payne, who lived at 218 East B, built the Vincent Plan and was the general foreman.
  6. Star Salt Block built in 1889 by Walter and Ed Randle.  
  7. Buckeye Salt Co 1888 S. B. Cathcarl manager
  8. Solar Salt Co. 1888 G V Ricksecker and W. R. Marshall
  9. Great Western Salt Co. organized by D. T. McFarland
  10. Crystal Salt Co. 1888 Ed Barton
  11. Mathews Salt Plant 1888 G. H. Bartlett
  12. Conn and Welch Salt Works 1888

Salt Plants located in South Hutchinson

  1. South Hutchinson Salt and Coal Mining Co. 1887 W. R. Bennett, J.O. McClintock, Tom J Decker, C B Thoburn.
  2. Diamond Salt Co. in South Hutchinson - J.S. May, Hardy, Sims Ely, W. E. Burns, Grant Easley, W. H. Hall.
  3. Standard Salt Co. 1888 Robert Lacey, J. M Zinn, Anthony Oswald, E. M Shay in South Hutchinson
  4. New York Salt Co. organized by Ben Blanchard
  5. Riverside Salt Plant in South Hutchinson 1888 W. F. Mulkey, N White, Dr. J. F. Debras, A.M. West, W.E. Hutchinson and Houston Whiteside.