Official Flag of the City of Hutchinson


On February 20, 2018, a conversation began with a simple Facebook post, that Hutchinson needed an official flag to rally around and show pride in our City. That conversation grew into a grassroots movement which engaged the community in discussions, created a framework for selection and sought designs from the public at large. The culmination of that effort was on December 4, 2019, Hutchinson City Council officially adopted the new design. 

For more information on the grassroots effort to create a flag for the City of Hutchinson and the grant from the Hutchinson Community Foundation that made it possible, check out their story here.

Our City Flag - The Symbolism


Represents the salt, which lies under the city and has served as a source of wealth and prosperity in our community since soon after its founding.


Represents Hutchinson’s agricultural heritage. Agriculture has been another longstanding contributor to the growth and development of our community.


Shaped in the style of a compass rose. It serves as a symbol of our centrality, both geographically and metaphorically. We are near the middle of the state and near the middle of the nation. Further, our community often finds itself somewhere in between differing political perspectives, religious beliefs, and cultural heritages. The gold star represents our future, our hopes and dreams. It is the reminder where we are going on our journey as a community, “to the stars, through difficulty.”


Represents our most abundant aesthetic resource, the sky. While it is not exclusive to our city, our region can claim some of the most stunning sunrises, sunsets, night skies, clouds, and thunderstorms. The blue stripe also represents Hutchinson’s unique ties to the aerospace industry.