Training Division

It is the mission of the Hutchinson Fire Department Training Division to provide the highest quality and most progressive education and training to ensure our personnel can safely and effectively deliver exceptional service in all risk-related disciplines.

The division works on the development and implementation of the Annual Training Plan (ATP). The Training Division works a 40 hour week Monday through Friday. Their primary duties include all fire department training, special operations training, emergency medical technician recertification, and to respond to all major incidents to serve as the incident Safety Officer.

Command & Training Center
The department's training facility is located at 3201 East 4th Avenue. The Hutchinson Fire Department Command and Training Center (CTC) is a state of the art building that houses a classroom and various breakout venues for instruction. The building and training grounds are used almost daily for various fire department activities. Besides being used by HFD, the training center is used by community groups and the Hutchinson Community College's Fire Science Program. In 2009, the training center was created to bring the facility up to date, and to better meet the needs of the Hutchinson Fire Department.
  • Facility Name: Hutchinson Fire Department Command and Training Center (CTC)
  • Facility Location: 3201 E. 4th Ave
  • Constructed: 2009
  • Size:14,000 square feet, 53 Acres
Features of our training center:
  • 1 40-person classroom with state of the art A/V equipment
  • 1 Auditorium/Gymnasium meeting facility with seating for 300
  • 1 break room
  • Kitchen and break facilities
  • Office space for 10
  • 5-story drill tower; with 1st and 2nd floor burn rooms
  • Various specialized training props
  • Locker and shower facilities
2012-01 Recruit Class
2012-01 Recruit Class
Front Row: Edvar Aguirre, Ian Arndt, Judd Schroeder, Ronald Kaufman, Jacob Walton
Back Row: Garrett Ediger, Tim Morris, Joshua Pruitt, Jason Webb, Derek Brenner, Jeff St. Clair
New firefighter recruits that are hired onto the Hutchinson Fire Department must complete a four-week academy conducted by the Fire Training Division. The Recruit Academy consists of courses designed to review IFSAC and the NFPA Standard 1001, Firefighter I and II skills, Hazardous Materials Operations skills, Kansas Emergency Medical Technician skills, and Hutchinson Fire Department policies and procedures. Fire recruits are instructed by the Academy Cadre. The Cadre consists of current members in suppression who are assigned to the Academy for the 6 weeks. Recruits are tested and evaluated weekly throughout the process on both written and practical skills and are given both a final written exam and a practical skills test. Hutchinson Fire Department Recruits must pass all exams with a minimum score of at least 70%.

Driver Operator Training
In addition to the Recruit Academy, the Training Division supervises the department Student Relief Driver Training Program. Once the new firefighter graduates the recruit academy, they are assigned to a fire station and then they begin the process of learning driving regulations, department policy, driving apparatus, pumping apparatus, and aerial operations. Streets and additions tests are a vital part of this program. The Student Driver Training Program is a 15-month program, with tests each three months progressing through the smaller apparatus and ending with Aerial Platforms, Engines, and Aircraft Crash Rescue vehicles. At the completion of the program the student becomes a "Relief Driver" and is able to operate and fill in for a Fire Drivers position for vacations, illness, etc.

Specialty Teams
The Department has 2 specialty teams; the Hazardous Material Team and the Technical Rescue Team. The Training Division supervises and conducts on-going skills maintenance for the teams throughout the year.

Firefighting Training
The Training Division conducts numerous classes throughout the year on a wide variety of topics including ventilation, firefighting tactics, ladders, hose, vehicle extrication, and search and rescue. They develop an Annual Training Program and conduct courses and assign course work to be completed at the company level.

Emergency Medical Training
The Training Division supervises the delivery of the required hours for the department personnel to maintain their Emergency Medical Technician certification.

Maintenance & Record Keeping
Record keeping is a vital job of the Training Division for fulfilling the requirement of the Insurance Services Office (ISO) that rates a fire departments readiness to respond and meet the challenges of fighting fires and other incidents. The department uses a management software called "Firehouse Software" to record training, inventories, hydrants, inspections, pre-plans, and is the incident reporting software used to send information to the State Fire Marshals Office and to the National Fire Incident Reporting System.

Fitness & Medical Surveillance
The Training Division is responsible for overseeing the departments fitness program and Medical Surveillance Program as part of an overall wellness and safety initiative for the department.

Safety Officer
The Fire Training Division members have to respond to emergencies and become the Incident Safety Officer. This position has the overall authority to recommend and even take immediate corrective action to prevent injury to firefighters and others at the emergency scene. The Safety Officer works closely with the Incident Commander to effectively and safely manage the incident.