Are inflatables allowed at city parks or facilities?

Inflatables or Bounce Houses are permitted in certain parks and public ground by permission of the Park/Facilities staff only. All requests for use of Inflatables or Bounces Houses can be made by contacting the Park/Facilities office at 694-1905. The following rules apply:

  • All requests must have prior authorization by Park Staff and detailed information is required (where, when, what kind of equipment will be used, name of professional installer that will be used etc.)
  • No “water related” Inflatables or play equipment are allowed at any parks or facilities whatsoever.
  • Installation and removal of said Inflatables and/or Bounce Houses shall be completed by licensed professionals.
  • Professional installers will be required to provide a copy of a current insurance coverage form.
  • No other personal or private play equipment shall be allowed at City of Hutchinson Parks, Facilities and Public Lands.

All authorizations by Park Staff will be at the discretion of the Parks/Facilities Director or his/her designee. All decisions made by Park Staff are FINAL.

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1. Are inflatables allowed at city parks or facilities?
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