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Application for Appointment to City Boards

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  3. (Please complete one application for each board, commission or committee membership.)
  4. (Please provide expiration term date.)
  5. Are you presently employed where you may be reached for committee purposes:*
  6. Residence*
    Please advise whether you own or rent your place of residence, or possess any other real estate property within the city limits of Hutchinson. Also, please indicate whether all current and prior year real estate and personal property taxes are paid.
  7. Current Property (Residence) Taxes Paid:
  8. Prior Years Property (Residence) Taxes Paid:
  9. Other Real Estate Property Taxes Paid (Current):
  10. Other Real Estate Property Taxes Paid (Prior Years):
  11. Do you agree to maintain payment of property taxes on all real estate owned by you while serving as a member of this board/Commission/Committee:
    I understand that I am expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings of the board for which I am appointed, and that frequent non-attendance may result in termination of my appointment. I understand that I must reside in, or own or rent real property within the City of Hutchinson, unless rules governing this board provide exception for me to reside, own or rent real property outside the City of Hutchinson but within Reno County. I understand that all data supplied on this application is a matter of public record and will be disclosed upon request. I affix my signature as to assure that all my taxes are up-to-date and/or paid in accordance with applicable law.
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