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Brush Up Hutch Paint Program Application

  1. Brush Up Hutch before and after
  2. Homeowner Information
    Brush Up Hutch is a reimbursement program for homeowners within the city limits of Hutchinson looking to paint their houses. If you are eligible, the City will reimburse you up to $500 for paint to paint your home. It's a simple process: 1) Fill out the application. 2) Upon approval purchase your paint. 3) Paint your house. 4) When the project is complete, submit your receipts to the City. 5) The City will verify your project and you will recieve a reimbursement for your paint costs (up to $500)
  3. There are two ways to qualify for the program:*
    You can qualify for Brush Up Hutch! if your property value is below $50,000 OR if your total household income is 120% or below the median family income of Reno County.
  4. Total household income includes the income of all members of the household who are 18 or older.
  5. Maximum yearly income is based on the number of people in a household and 120% of the median family income in Reno County.*
    One person $48,150; Two people $55,050; Three people $61,950; Four people $68,775; Five people $74,325; Six people $79,800; Seven people $85,350; Eight or more $90,825 *2016 Reno County 120% MFI
  6. Have you received a Notice of Violation for this property from the city?*
  7. Are you physically unable to paint your home because of health or disability?*
    If yes, your contact information will be referred to the Volunteer Coordinator at Interfaith Housing & Community Services.
  8. Declarations*
    I hereby apply for reimbursement from the Brush Up Hutch! paint program for exterior paint. I declare that:
  9. I understand that my statements are subject to verification. I will report immediately any changes in the information I have given. I declare that the information on this application is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.
  10. I understand that typing my name in this box constitutes a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge and agree to the above.
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