Parks & Facilities



1600 S. Elm Street


The Parks and Facilities Division covers a wide variety of functions.

 The Park Maintenance construction crews do all the remodeling, additions, and building maintenance for all City buildings including the electrical, plumbing and HVAC. 

We have employees who take care of playground maintenance, water park start up and maintenance, cleaning of restrooms, etc. for our parks.

Parks & Facilities handles the Facility Rentals for Homebuilders, Rice Park and the gazebos.


Office Hours:                                     Phone:

Monday-Friday                                                                     620-694-1905

8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Closed Holidays


   2016 Projects:

Sports Arena Construction                                                Golf Course Improvements                                       

Rice Park Splash Pad                                                        Fairground Tennis Courts Resurfacing

Airport Runway Construction                                          Hobart-Detter Field Locker Room

Landscape City Hall                                                         River Otter Exhibit

Orchard Park Development                                              Fun Valley Improvements

Sports Arena Construction
Undergoing a $29 Million Renovation
  • To be completed in Spring of 2017
  • New Main Entrance and Lobby (south side)
  • Updated concourse
  • New Concessions and ticketing area
  • New men's and women's locker rooms
  • Multipurpose rooms for gatherings and meetings
  • Added handicapped seating
  • Updated Press Box
  • Additional Restrooms
  • Upgraded Plumbing, electrical, heating systems
  • Will feature Brand New NJCAA Men's Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame
  • On-site event parking with 1,036 stalls
  • Main Event Floor: 22,206 sq. ft.
  • Fixed Seating: 5,925
Practice Courts:
  • Multi-purpose gym (2 courts): 14,820 sq. ft.
  • Multi-purpose gym (1 court): 7,980 sq. ft.
Locker Rooms:
  • Four Visitor's Locker Rooms: 18 lockers each
  • Two Official's Locker Rooms
Additional Rooms:
  • Multi-purpose (Hospitality Room): 769 sq. ft.
  • Multi-purpose (Interview Room):  674 sq. ft.
  • Mutli-purpose (Meeting Room):  325 sq. ft.
  • Multi-purpose (Media Work Room): 338 sq. ft.
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