1. Administration

    Find information about City of Hutchinson government administration.

  2. Agendas & Minutes

    Access easily searchable meeting agendas and minutes for various boards, commissions, and committees.

  3. Bid Opportunities

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  5. Budgets

  6. City Code

  7. City Ordinances

  8. Community & Business

    Find departments and services for local residents and businesses.

  9. Community Resources

  10. Engineering

  11. Legal Services

    Find departments and offices that deal with legal matters. Please note that the City Attorney does not provide legal advice to individuals regarding private matters which do not involve the City of Hutchinson.

  12. Public Safety

    Find information about City departments and offices related to public safety.

  13. Public Works

  14. Reno County Wildfire Disaster Assistance

  15. Rental Registration

  16. Utilities